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How Will the Aging Population Change Real Est…

The aging global population will impact the changes of the investment picture on the global real estate market over the next decade as an increasing number of insurance and pension funds revise their strategies to accommodate...

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The Right Time to Purchase Real Estate

The end of the tourist season marks the beginning of the audit of the financial results of the tourist season. This is also the time when many important decisions are made in terms of future investments...

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Subsidised Housing Loans

The Housing Loan Subsidy Act entered into force on July 16th, eight days after it was published in the Official Gazette. The Agency for Transactions and Mediation in Immovable Properties (ATMIP), as the competent institution, is...

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Croatians at the Very Top of the List

Each year Croatia sets new records in terms of tourism. This contributes to the purchasing power of the citizens of Croatia and has a positive impact on the real estate market. One of the consequences of...

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The Most Expensive Real Estate in the World

According to online data, the most expensive real estate properties in the world are in Monaco, Hong Kong, London and New York. has published a list of the most expensive cities in the world placing Monaco...

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Houses That Are Not Houses

Not every house is a home. Not every building intended for family residence is a family house. Even though a multi-unit building where a family resides is, colloquially speaking, often called a family house, there is...

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Building Land: A Good Investment or Dead Capi…

The unpredictability of political, economic and social changes and uncertainty that marks various aspects of life is also reflected on the real estate market. The real estate market is sensitive and susceptible to changes caused by...

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The best method to sell real estate

Zig Ziglar, an American marketing expert known for numerous books he has published in the area of sales, once said that the sales process entails overcoming some of the five basic obstacles: no need, no money...

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Investing in real estate

The company Libertas inženjering plus d.o.o. has been advising its clients for over a decade on how to make the best real estate purchase investments, either in terms of purchasing the perfect home or making a...

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Energy certificates may be free of charge

Quite often you can hear people say that hiring a real estate agent is an unnecessary expense when purchasing an apartment, a house, a land plot or a business space. However, the contemporary lifestyle and the...

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